Honoring Our Combat Dogs on K9 Veterans Day

Honoring Our Combat Dogs on K9 Veterans Day

March 13, 2015

Honoring Our Combat Dogs on K9 Veterans Day

Today is K9 Veterans Day - a day to remember the service of our military combat dogs past and present. To celebrate K9 Veterans Day, we are sharing a few videos that feature our four-legged heroes. Remember, every day (not just Veterans Day or K9 Veterans Day) is a good day to thank a veteran for his/her service and sacrifice to protect our freedom.


Sniffing Out Bombs: America's Most Elite Dogs

In the 60 minutes report below, Warrior Dog Foundation founder, Mike Ritland, talks to Lara Logan about the dedication, hard work and sacrifices these K9's make for our country.

Hero War Dog Skydives with Soldier

We were first introduced to Layka - a military combat dog who lost a limb saving the lives of her fellow soldiers - by the military news blog BuiltUSA. Then, we found this awesome video from National Geographic of Layka skydiving.

Soldier Reunited with Dog that Saved His Life

Here's an inspirational story of Army Specialist Brent Grommet and a German Shepherd named Matty. These two worked as a bomb detection team in Afghanistan until a roadside blast in June 2013 ended both their careers. When they returned home, even though Grommet filed papers to adopt Matty, the two were mistakenly separated. This is the story of how they became reunited.

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