Heroes in Action - K9 Veterans Day, Live Fire Training and More Milita

Heroes in Action - K9 Veterans Day, Live Fire Training and More Military Videos

March 19, 2015

Heroes in Action - K9 Veterans Day, Live Fire Training and More Military Videos

In this week's Heroes in Action, we pay tribute to our four-legged heroes with a look back a K9 Veterans Day. We also share some military videos of the Army Golden Knights skydiving, military weapons technology, the V-22 Osprey and some awesome footage of HH-60's Gunners live fire training. Enjoy this week's Heroes in Action military videos!


K9 Veterans Day Tribute Videos

In today's blog post, we are celebrating our four-legged military heroes. The first video was shared by BuiltUSA on K9 Veterans Day. It features combat dog Layka who saved her handler and their team by attacking and subduing an enemy shooter even after she was shot four times at point blank range.

This second military combat dog video was shared in our K9 Veterans Day blog post. Once again, Layka is featured in the video. This time she goes skydiving. This was part of testing a parachute harness that could make it easier and safer for dogs to help soldiers reach remote locations.

U.S. Army Golden Knights 8 Way Team World Championships 2015

Speaking of skydiving, here's an awesome video of the U.S. Army Golden Knights. We're not sure if this military video was shot during training or from the actual competition. Either way, it is awesome.

A Day Inside the Legendary V-22 Osprey

Spend a day with the U.S. Marine Corps and this military aircraft. The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey is a tilt rotor plane for military use produced by Bell, for the US military. The first prototype of the V-22 Osprey aircraft came out officially in Arlington (Texas), May 23, 1988. On 1 December 1989, the Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney decreed the suspension of the entire program, because of the significant increase in production costs. The program was later reactivated and May 2, 2008 there was the first combat mission in Iraq after a semester of operational use mainly in the transport role.

Videos of Military Weapons Technology

If you like watching military weapons videos, then you'll like this video which features multiple military chain guns in action.

A Day With HH-60's Gunners

Since we are on the subject of military guns, here's a cool video featuring live fire training with the US National Guard and a HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter. The role of the HH-60G Pave Hawk is to infiltrate hostile environments, day or night, to rescue soldiers in a combat zone. In January 2009, 101 are in service with the United States Air Force.

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