Veterans Jobless Rates Falling Nationwide

Veterans Jobless Rates Falling Nationwide

March 23, 2015

Veterans Jobless Rates Falling Nationwide

Good news about the veterans jobless rate and for vets looking for employment. Unemployment among military veterans continued to decline nationwide in the last quarter of 2014. Nationally, the veterans’ jobless rate fell to 5.3 percent from 6.6 percent in 2013. The unemployment numbers for the entire U.S. population was 6.2 percent.

Why the improvement in the U.S. jobless rate for veterans? The improving U.S. economy is one reason more of our military veterans are able to find employment. Also, there are a number of programs designed to help veterans find work and incentives for business to hire veterans.

With veteran unemployment records continuing to trend downwards, these programs and incentives seem to be working. And there are also other programs and proposals coming down the line to help veterans start their own small business or to go into farming.

The improving job market does seem to be helping some vets more than others. According to the numbers, veterans from the post-9/11 era have had an especially hard time finding work. Also the age group of veterans with the highest unemployment rate of 12.5 percent is age group 18 to 24.

Even with declining numbers, employment is still one of the many issues our veterans face here at home. Many businesses still consider hiring veterans a risk. There have even been some sources admit that there is a "general prejudice against hiring veterans" due to the perceived risk and misinformation about PTSD.

Even with this "perceived risk," there are also many new state and federal initiatives on the horizon to continue helping our veterans find work or get the training to needed to improve their lives. And there are also websites like
FedsHireVets where veterans can find employment or information about job openings and job fairs.

Let's keep those veterans jobless rates falling. Push your representatives to continue fighting for our veterans. And when possible, hire a military veteran!

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