This Week's Videos of Military Heroes In Action

This Week's Videos of Military Heroes In Action

March 26, 2015

This Week's Videos of Military Heroes In Action

This week's videos of military heroes in action if packed with, well, action. If you like watching live fire training with awesome military weapons, then you will enjoy this week's military videos.

We've got videos from the Department of Defense, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Turn up the volume - put on the headphones if you're at work - and enjoy these videos of military heroes in action.

Department of Defense Video

This military video from the Department of Defense offers an introduction to the Major Range and Test Facility Base. The MRTFB is the core set of Department of Defense test and evaluation capabilities which ensure effective weapons systems are provided to the warfighter.

Making of a U.S. Marine Officer

Here's a video clip of Marine Corps 2nd lieutenants learning the basics of urban combat operations at the Basic School, Camp Barrett, MCB Quantico, VA.


The title of this video was "Fire" and it only takes a few seconds into the video to know why they called it that. Members of the 155th Infantry Regiment conduct live fire training with the AT-4 at the Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center.

Special Ops Aerial Gunner

Here's a cool military video giving you a perspective of what its like to be a Special Ops Aerial Gunner.

Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck Video

Love this video showing the choreography of motion from the flight decks of our aircraft carriers. Great example of your Navy's Warfighting team a reliable, flexible, and ready to respond worldwide on, above, and below the sea.

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