Best Military Photos of 2014 Shot by U.S. Service Members

Best Military Photos of 2014 Shot by U.S. Service Members

March 31, 2015

Best Military Photos of 2014 Shot by U.S. Service Members

What were the best military photos of 2014 - photos taken by our U.S. military service members? Well, the winners of the 2014 Military Photographer of the Year competition were announced earlier this month and we've got a link to take you to these amazing photos captured by the women and men of our military.

Judges from the Stars and Stripes newspaper chose the best U.S. military photos of 2014. The contest is part of the Defense Department's Visual Information Awards Program.

According to the official VIAP website, "The Visual Information Awards Program is designed to recognize, reward, and promote excellence among military communicators, including photographers, videographers, journalists, mass communication specialists and graphic artists for their achievements in furthering the objectives of military photography, videography, and graphic arts as a command information and documentation media within the military."

This Year's Winner of Best Military Photo of 2014

The photos submitted to the contest captured a wide-range of stunning images. There were shots of our troops relaxing with a game of cards, images of troops in combat situations, an image of a wounded service member and amputee working out, an Air Force pilot in an F-16 cockpit and much more.

The photos show those of us who do not serve a view of life in the military we may never see. It also offers a chance to gain a new perspective on the men and women in the uniform.

The winner of the contest this year was Air Force Staff Sgt. Vernon Young, a photojournalist with Airman magazine, the official magazine of the U.S. Air Force. According to the CNN article, "The judges recognized Young for the strength and breadth of his images, among them a F-16 pilot refueling in midair, a soldier whacking golf balls into the Afghan desert and a Navy lieutenant celebrating after winning a game of cards."

Make sure to visit the CNN website to view some of the best military photos of 2014.

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