TAPS Offers Support to Grieving Military Families

TAPS Offers Support to Grieving Military Families

April 06, 2015

TAPS Offers Support to Grieving Military Families

Military families facing the death of a loved one serving in our Armed Forces have a support system in place to help them through the grieving process. The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) is a non-profit organization which not only offers compassionate care and support to family members of a deceased military service member, but also helps casualty officers and caregivers during the grieving process.

The mission of TAPS, "is to provide ongoing peer-based emotional support to anyone who is grieving the death of someone who died while serving in the Armed Forces. We bring survivors together with others who have experienced a similar loss for comfort, healing, and hope."

The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, which was created in 1994, is not affiliated with the Depart of Defense. The organization offers its national peer support network and connection to grief resources, at no cost to surviving loved ones and family members. And according to the information on their website, since 1994, "TAPS has assisted over 50,000 surviving family members, casualty officers and caregivers."

With the growing problem of veteran suicide, we wanted to share this information with our readers. Many of us know someone who has a loved one in the military and is unfortunately going through a tough grieving process. Please make sure to share this post with them and introduce them to TAPS.

USO and TAPS Come Together to Support Grieving Military Family

We ran across an article recently which told the tragic story of an Iraq War veteran suffering from PTSD who took his own life and the grief his mother and family went through afterwards.

According to the USO blog post, when discussing a the news a mother never wants to hear, shared the following "Corey, her youngest child who had struggled with post-traumatic stress for years after serving in Iraq and who was close to graduating with a psychology degree with the intention of helping others going through similar problems, had committed suicide at his home in Anchorage, Alaska."

What followed was a perfect example of how TAPS along with the help of the USO provides the compassionate care and support to help this family through this tough time. It is the kind of support we don't realize we need until the unthinkable happens. Make sure to read this story.

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