Heroes in Action Inspirational Military Videos

April 09, 2015

Heroes in Action Inspirational Military Videos

For this week's military heroes in action video clips, we took a different direction from the usual military videos of our U.S. military service members. Instead of the video clips of live combat training, ISIS air strikes, and military weapons; we have videos dedicated to Month of the Military Child, a story of World War II veterans, a video from the National Disabled Veterans Winter Clinic and more.


Iwo Jima - Once Enemies, Now Friends

A video showing World War II veterans visiting Iwo Jima for the 70th anniversary of this WWII battle.

Video of Disabled Veteran and Paralympian

With the 29th National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic taking place right now, we wanted to share this inspirational video of disabled Coast Guard veteran and paralympian Chris Devlin-Young talking about the his adaptive sports journey.

2015 Month of the Military Child 2015

As we recently learned, April is a time to celebrate the children of our military members. Month of the Military Child is dedicated to honor the courage and resilience of young people in our military communities.

KISS Discusses Hiring Veterans on Summer Tour

The members of the band KISS don't just talk the talk, they also walk the walk. They have helped raise money for an Oregon military museum and also hired veterans to work as members of their road crew. In this video, you'll hear two veterans speak about their experience working on the KISS road crew.

Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home

We've all seen the videos of military service members coming home to surprise spouses and children. Here's a compilation of video clips showing excited - very excited dogs - greeting their owners when they return home from deployment.

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