Celebrating National Military Appreciation Month

Celebrating National Military Appreciation Month

May 05, 2015

Celebrating National Military Appreciation Month

National Military Appreciation Month honors those on active duty in all branches of the services - Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy - along with the National Guard and Reserves, plus military retirees, veterans, and all of their military families. National Military Appreciation Month serves as a reminder to all Americans to share their appreciation for the sacrifices our service members make to keep our country free and safe. It is also a time to remember the important role the U.S. Armed Forces have played in the history and development of our country.

Along with the entire month being designated as National Military Appreciation Month, May has multiple days designated specifically to honor our military and military families. Those days include: Loyalty Day/Silver Star Service Banner Day (May 1st), Public Service Recognition Week (May 3rd-9th), V-E Day (May 8th), Military Spouse Appreciation Day (May 8th), Armed Forces Week (May 9th-17th), Armed Forces Day (May 16th), Maritime Day (May 22nd), and Memorial Day (May 25th).

History of National Military Appreciation Month

The United States Senate passed legislation in 1999 to make May National Military Appreciation Month. Senator John McCain, (R-AZ) and Representative Duncan Hunter, (R-CA) of San Diego, along with over 50 veteran service organizations, sponsored and supported this legislation. The goal of the initial legislation was to set aside an entire month to honor, remember and appreciate our military service members' patriotism and the dedication and sacrifice of military families.

Both Houses of Congress unanimously passed a more comprehensive legislation in April 2004. That legislation, H. Con. Res. 328, solidified May as National Military Appreciation Month. It also reminds the President of the United States to issue annual proclamations calling Americans to recognize this special month through appropriate ceremonies and events.

Military Videos for National Military Appreciation Week

The military news blog, BuiltUSA, shared the following military videos in honor of this month dedicated to our military service members and military families. We are sharing them here as well for your viewing pleasure. To all our military and veterans, thank you for all you do!


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