Veterans the Focus of 6 Bills in Washington

Veterans the Focus of 6 Bills in Washington

May 20, 2015

Veterans the Focus of 6 Bills in Washington

On Monday, veterans were the focus of six bills in Washington, D.C. The House approved the six bills which are designed to help veterans o. Each of the bills now head to the Senate. There were bills related to jobs, small business loans and veterans ID cards.

As our readers know, veterans face an uphill battle when it comes to finding employment. Over the past few years, we've been hearing a lot of talk about helping veterans find jobs and providing incentives for employers to hire veterans. One of the bills which passed on Monday would give preference to government contractors who employ veterans on a full-time basis.

Another bill focused on VA employees and is possibly fallout from scandals at VA hospitals. This bill requires that written reprimands and admonishments received by VA employees be kept on file for as long as the person works for the VA. Presently, that is not the case. Now, admonishment only remains in an employee's file for two years and a reprimand for three years. With those coming off their file, the VA can not get a true picture of a VA employee's employment history.

Another bill helps veterans by providing them with official identification cards through the VA. This bill came as a result of veterans having to document their service by carrying around official military records which often include sensitive personal information. Lawmakers took into account that these documents, which contain Social Security numbers and service details, could put veterans at risk for identity theft. Another unintended consequence could be that it would be easier to identify those individuals who are impersonating veterans in acts of stolen valor.


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