Memorial Day 2015 Heroes in Action Military Tribute Videos

Memorial Day 2015 Heroes in Action Military Tribute Videos

May 21, 2015

Memorial Day 2015 Heroes in Action Military Tribute Videos

Memorial Day 2015 is almost upon us. In honor of our brave Americans who died while in the military service to protect our freedoms, we wanted to make this week's Heroes in Action military videos a special Memorial Day 2015 edition.

Thank you to all who have served and to those who have fallen serving our great country. And let us not forget to thank our military families - the military spouses, children and other loved ones for their courage and bravery as well.

Enjoy your 2015 Memorial Day with family and friends. But while you are enjoying this holiday, do not forget why we have the freedom to celebrate and the duty to honor those who protect(ed) our freedom.


Honor Thy Fallen: A Memorial Day Tribute

Here's a Memorial Day video which is comprised of interviews from U.S. service men and women.


Memorial Day 2015 - Freedom Isn't Free!


Memorial Day: Why We Remember

This Memorial Day 2015 video portrays the oath of enlistment every Marine takes before earning their Eagle, Globe and Anchor and shows the sacrifices they make on the battle field to keep that oath.


Memorial Day 2015 - Tribute to the Military

A moving pictorial tribute to all branches of the military. This Memorial Day military tribute video features pictures from WWII to Iraq with background music by the Air Force Band.


Providence Fire Fighters' Memorial Day Tribute

This last video from our 2015 Memorial Day Heroes in Action military tribute comes courtesy of the Providence fire fighters. This video is a reminder of why we celebrate this holiday and a fitting tribute to those who gave all for our freedoms.


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