Captain America Makes an Appearance in Our Heroes in Action Military V

Captain America Makes an Appearance in Our Heroes in Action Military Videos

May 28, 2015

Captain America Makes an Appearance in Our Heroes in Action Military Videos

Welcome back to our weekly Heroes in Action military videos blog post. We hope everyone had a safe Memorial Day and were able to spend time with family and take the time to remember our fallen military members.

In this week's videos of the U.S. military, we have a C-17 fleet reaching a historic milestone. You'll also be able to view a Special Forces jump, Tomahawk missile launches, the Marines 7th annual Recon Challenge and Coast Guard Persons of the Year Nominees.

And as we mentioned in our title, you can also view the viral video of an Army Captain pulling two people from a burning car while wearing a Captain American t-shirt.

So, if you are ready, enjoy these Heroes in Action military videos!


C-17 Fleet Reaches 3 Millionth Flying Hour

A Joint Base Charleston aircrew was at the helm when their C-17 attained the 3,000,000th flying hour for the worldwide C-17 fleet. The mighty C-17 Globemaster three has been traversing the globe since September 1991.


7th Special Forces Group Jump

During Exercise Emerald Warrior 2015, U.S. Army Soldiers and Chilean sailors conduct high-altitude military parachute operations from a C-130 Hercules aircraft. Emerald Warrior 2015, a Department of Defense exercise, allows joint and combined partners to train together and prepare for real world contingency operations.


Launching Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles

This military video footage comes from 2014 and shows the guided-missile destroyer USS Arleigh Burke launching Tomahawk Land-Attack Missiles against ISIS targets.


Marines Recon Challenge 2015

Here's a video of Recon Marines tackling 11 obstacles and traversing more than 26 miles during the 7th annual Recon Challenge. If you need some motivation to get up and get going, just give this Marines military video a watch!


2014 Coast Guard Enlisted Persons of the Year Nominees

This Coast Guard video shares a montage of photos of the nominees for the Coast Guard's Enlisted Persons of the Year - both active-duty and Reserve components. Commanders from each of the Coast Guard's nine districts select one active-duty Coast Guardsman and one Reserve Coast Guardsman from the units within their geographic boundaries for this honor. From this group, one Coast Guard nominee - both active duty and Reserve - will be awarded as Coast Guard Person of the Year.



Viral Video of Army Captain Rescuing Couple

We first saw this viral video of an Army Captain saving the lives of two people who were trapped inside a burning car on the BuiltUSA military news blog. And, yes, that off-duty Army Captain Steve Voglezon is wearing a Captain America t-shirt. If you haven't seen this viral video of the heroic actions of Capt. Voglezon and other citizens who helped save three lives that day, you can watch it in our blog post below.


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