Are US Army Futuristic Hoverbikes on the Horizon?

Are US Army Futuristic Hoverbikes on the Horizon?

June 24, 2015

Are US Army Futuristic Hoverbikes on the Horizon?

We could soon see Army soldiers using “Star Wars”-style hoverbikes for tactical reconnaissance. You might remember the awesome hover bike scene (also called speeders) from Return of the Jedi.

Well, don't get too overly excited as this latest addition to the U.S. military's high-tech arsenal which includes Navy Lasers, Marine robot balls, military exosuits, etc. is not quite up to par with the Star Wars version of hoverbikes. But these futuristic military vehicles, however, are a reality.

There was no announcement as to when we could start seeing the Army testing these hoverbikes. Right now, all the military news out there was just announcing the partnership to develop this new military technology.

And as you can see in the video below, the technology is still in the prototype stage.


Military Hoverbikes - Fact Not Fiction

U.K.-based hoverbike specialist Malloy Aeronautics has joined forces with Belcamp, Md.-based SURVICE Engineering to develop the science-fiction-style vehicles for the Department of Defense. The two companies are working on the hoverbike as part of an ongoing research and development contract with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, according to a statement released at last week’s Paris Airshow.
The technology may conjure up images of the ‘speeder bikes’ that appeared in “Return of the Jedi,” but could become reality. Malloy Aeronautics, which has been designing and developing the vehicles since 2009, says that the military hoverbike is being developed to operate as a new class of Tactical Reconnaissance Vehicle (TRV).
However, a spokesman for the company declined to discuss specific details of the military hoverbike project, and referred to the Army Research Laboratory.

Quote via Fox News

You can read the statement from Malloy Aeronautics announcing its partnership with the Department of Defense here.


P2 Hoverbike Test Flight Video


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