Air Force Combat Controller's Heroic Actions Top This Week's Heroes in

Air Force Combat Controller's Heroic Actions Top This Week's Heroes in Action Videos

June 25, 2015

Air Force Combat Controller's Heroic Actions Top This Week's Heroes in Action Videos

The story of an Air Force combat controller and his acts of heroism during combat tops this week's Heroes in Action military videos feature. You will not want to miss this story.

In this last Heroes in Action for June 2015, you'll also go for a ride in a US Army Bradley fighting vehicle, jump out of a plane with the USAFA Wings of Blue Skydiving Team, get a look at some of the U.S. Marines participating in the 2015 Warrior Games and more.

So, if you are ready, let's get started. And to all our military men and women - we salute and thank you for your service and sacrifice.


Combat Controller presented top Air Force award

This first military Heroes in Action video is a few years old, but it is a story well-worth repeating for those who do not know it. The story of Air Force Staff Sgt. Robert Gutierrez is definitely a heroic one.

Here's part of his story...

During a raid to capture a high-level Taliban leader, Gutierrez was shot in the chest. The round passed through his lung, collapsing it and ripping a chunk out of his back.
He stayed on the radio, calling in strikes from aircraft to help the team escape alive. At one point, enemy fighters were lined up on a wall only 30 feet from him. Gutierrez called in three A-10 danger close gun runs against the fighters. The rounds struck so close to Gutierrez that his ear drums burst from the explosions. After the first of the three runs, he allowed an Army medic to insert a needle into his lung, relieving some of the pressure that was forcing his lungs closed. It was the only time he came off the radio despite his injuries.

Read the full version at We Are The Mighty.

Gutierrez survived and the following video shows the award ceremony where he was presented the Air Force Cross.


USAFA Wings of Blue Skydiving Team

Our next military video for the week shows footage of the Wings of Blue, the Air Force's Skydiving Team, located at the Air Force Academy. This is a video clip of a tandem jump, in which the participant is harnessed to a member of the team for their jump. The Wings of Blue runs the Air Force’s Basic Freefall Parachuting course, known as Airmanship 490.


GoPro Video Footage of US Army Bradley Fighting Vehicle

We know how much you like military GoPro videos. Here's one featuring Bradley fighting vehicles from the Army's 3rd Infantry Division firing at Vaziani Training Area in support of Exercise Noble Partner.


USS Jason Dunhan Fires 5" Gun

The Jason Dunham is an Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer. Enjoy this military video clip of the destroyer firing its 5-inch during the BALTOPS 2015 exercise in the Baltic Sea.


Warrior Games 2015 Video

The Warrior Games are fast-approaching and the athletes are on Marine Corps Base Quantico, training and getting ready to compete. Meet a few of the athletes from the USMC Wounded Warrior Regiment competing for the Marine Corps.


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