Military Testing Lasers for High-Tech Bomb Disposal

Military Testing Lasers for High-Tech Bomb Disposal

June 30, 2015

Military Testing Lasers for High-Tech Bomb Disposal

The military is testing a new solution to minimize the risks posed by explosive devices to military personnel. And the solution being tested is high-tech much like the Star Wars-like hoverbikes and Navy railgun.

The latest military technology being tested is happening with the Army and Air Force utilizing laser technology for bomb disposal in an ambitious project. And the great thing about using lasers for bomb disposal is that it could save the lives of our service members.

Plans are for the laser to be used by the military’s mine-resistant, ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles. This will reduce the need for disposal specialists to manually disarm bombs.

According to military news reports, "The laser-equipped vehicle is called a Recovery of Airbase Denied by Ordinance, or RADBO. The vehicle’s laser can detonate bombs at a distance of 984 feet, while an interrogator arm and manipulator claw can pull 50 pounds of debris. RADBO is also equipped with infrared cameras and two alternators providing up to 1,100 amps of power."


US Military Discusses Lasers for Bomb Detonation

"We may see hundreds to thousands of small unexploded ordnance items on a runaway or airfield but the RADBO will allow us to reduce the time it takes to get an airfield operational," said Marshall "Doc" Dutton, Air Force explosive ordnance disposal modernization program manager of the Air Force Civil Engineer Center on Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. "Currently, if a runway gets hit it can take days to weeks to get cleared. With the RADBO, runways can be cleared and operational at a much quicker pace."

The Army says that developmental testing of the technology will conclude next month at Redstone Test Center but additional tests will continue with airmen on Tyndall Air Force Base in September.


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