New VA Program Aims to Help Homeless Veterans Find Jobs

New VA Program Aims to Help Homeless Veterans Find Jobs

July 01, 2015

New VA Program Aims to Help Homeless Veterans Find Jobs

A new Department of Veterans Affairs program has launched with the goal of helping homeless military veterans find full-time employment. The new VA jobs program launched in June and some veterans are already reaping the benefits. "They saved me," said 56-year-old former Marine, David Bowles who is making plans to move from a homeless shelter to an apartment of his own in a few weeks now that he has landed a full-time job.

Earlier in the week, Hero Giveaways reported that the veterans unemployment rate dropped to 5.3 percent last year. That is not only the fourth consecutive year of declining unemployment numbers for military veterans, but veterans unemployment is also the lowest its been since 2008.

It's good to see more good news for our military veterans when it comes to both reducing homelessness and joblessness.

Veterans Affairs Program Helps Vets Find Employment

The new VA employment program, VA's Homeless Veterans Community Employment Services, has 154 community employment coordinators nationwide at VA locations offering individualized assistance in finding the types of stable jobs needed to sustain housing. And once a veteran starts a new job with an employer, the VA's Homeless Veterans Community Employment Services continues to offer additional resources to help veterans succeed.

Back to the success story we mentioned earlier...

Former Marine David Bowles was laid off at his previous employer and dealing with a failed marriage when he found himself broke and homeless. "I never expected to end up in a shelter, but one hiccup in life can put you flat on your back," said Bowles.

Bowles now works at Advanced Testing Laboratory doing quality control measurements of components for a major medical device manufacturer. The company's human resources manager said Bowles' skills and "can-do" attitude fit their needs and the transportation guarantee helped everything fall into place.


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