Service Members Dominate American Ninja Warrior Course

Service Members Dominate American Ninja Warrior Course

July 08, 2015

Service Members Dominate American Ninja Warrior Course

Did you see the military-only American Ninja Warrior episode featuring featuring men and women from all branches of the services on Monday night? If you missed the active duty service members and military veterans on the special military-only qualifying show, don't worry. You can watch highlights in the videos below shared in our blog post.

The special military-only American Ninja Warrior episode was hosted in front of the USS Iowa in Los Angeles. The evening featured an amazing amount of talent and discipline by U.S. troops, some of whom had to train while deployed overseas, including in Afghanistan.

For those readers unfamiliar with America Ninja Warrior, the NBC show is in its seventh season. The competition features athletes who try to complete intense obstacle courses built to test the skills of a true ninja: endurance, agility, upper body strength, balance, and coordination.

The course for the military-only show was inspired by Navy SEAL training courses. It featured five obstacles starting with five platforms at 45-degree angles toward the center of a water pit, a “jump-hang” onto a cargo net, horizontal free-spinning logs, monkey pegs, a high-beam crawl with a narrowing ledge, and it ends with a 14-foot vertical wall.


Robin Pietschman at the Military Qualifiers

The leader from the military-only special, Coast Guard rescue swimmer Robin Pietschman turned in a blistering run. Pietschman made it to the American Ninja Warrior finals last year.


Ryan Stratis at the Military Qualifiers

Veteran Ryan Stratis, an Army National Guard veteran who is now a personal trainer at ninja warrior gym in Georgia, made a harrowing run to advance to the finals. Stratis has competed in 6 seasons of the show and is a favorite when it comes to winning the competition.


Tory Garcia at the Military Qualifiers

Intelligence officer Tory Garcia runs the course to prove to her young son and herself that nothing is impossible.


Veteran Chuck Mammay - Oldest Competitor at the Military Qualifiers

The oldest competitor, Chuck Mammay, was a 72-year-old Vietnam veteran who said his biggest challenge these days was finding women who could keep up with him. There was no footage of Chuck's run last night. We did, however, stumble across this video from what may have been Chuck's application video for the show last year when he was a young and spry 71!


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