Video: Blind Veteran Continues to Inspire as He Completes Ironman Tria

Video: Blind Veteran Continues to Inspire as He Completes Ironman Triathlon

July 20, 2015

Video: Blind Veteran Continues to Inspire as He Completes Ironman Triathlon

Scott Smiley, a blind veteran, continues to be an inspiration to all Americans as he recently completed his first Ironman triathlon. While a platoon leader in Iraq, a roadside bomb left Army Major Scott Smiley badly wounded and completely blind. Not to be kept down for long, Smiley went on to become the first blind active duty officer in the Army, earned an MBA from Duke University, climbed Mt. Ranier and now has finished his first Ironman triathlon. Watch his story in the video below.

We have to say, blind veteran Scott Smiley is not just an inspiration to other wounded veterans and injured service members. He is not just a n inspiration to his wife and children. Scott Smiley is an inspiration to each and every one of us!

This wounded warrior shows all Americans - through his own actions - that we can overcome any challenge and accomplish anything we put our minds to accomplishing. For that, we should each say "Thank you!"

Not Always Easy for Blind Veteran

After being badly wounded and blinded just six months into his deployment in Iraq, the first thing that Scott Smiley thought was why did this happen to him. As he says in the video, he asked, "Why me?" He wondered how he would take care of his wife. He was angry and depressed.

His wife decided that she would become her husband's biggest cheerleader. And with her belief and support, Smiley went on to accomplish great things. And it was his wife who reminded him why he was taking on this new challenge of completing an Ironman triathlon.

During the triathlon, Smiley was struggling after the first half of the run, but his wife, Tiffany, reminded him that he was doing it for those who serve, those who had given so much but couldn’t be there.
“That’s truly why I wanted to do an Ironman,” he said. “To motivate, inspire others. I publicly speak now and it’s just to help others realize there’s a reason to give and a reason to give back.”

Quote via Fox News


Blind Veteran Inspirational Story

Here's Scott Smiley's story from a recent CBS News report.

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