F-15 Cockpit Video, Live Fire Training and More in Our Heroes in Actio

F-15 Cockpit Video, Live Fire Training and More in Our Heroes in Action Military Videos

August 06, 2015

F-15 Cockpit Video, Live Fire Training and More in Our Heroes in Action Military Videos

Watch live fire training clips, an awesome cockpit video of F-15 maneuvering through canyons, a B-2 Bomber mission video and more in this week's Heroes in Action military videos. If you enjoy watching military weaponry in action, then this week's military YouTube videos has you covered.

Make sure to put on your headphones and turn the volume up when enjoying these military live fire training video clips. And if you have trouble with motion sickness, you might want to avert your eyes from the awesome F-15 Strike Eagle cockpit video which gives you a first-person point of view of what it is like to fly along on some amazing aerial maneuvers.

And if you want to see a cool story about a wounded veteran who lost his legs in Afghanistan and hand-biked across the United States for his fellow Marines, make sure to watch the video and read the story here.


U.S. Army Video of Mk 19 Grenade Launcher Gunnery Exercise

Turn up the volume for this military video showing U.S. Army Soldiers, assigned to 4th Squadron, 2d Cavalry Regiment, conducting Mk 19 grenade launcher familiarization and qualification gunnery.



National Guard Video of Soldiers Practicing Aerial Gunnery

In preparation for deployment to Kuwait, the California Army National Guard 1st Battalion, 140th Aviation Regiment, 40th Combat Aviation Brigade, conducts aerial gunnery drills operating their UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters, firing M240B machine guns, and conducting hot-refuels.



Cockpit Video of F-15 Maneuvering Through Canyons

Check out this must-watch POV military video of F-15 Strike Eagles performing maneuvers. Strap yourself in for this one!



U.S. Marines Video - Artillery Battery Exercise

In this live fire training video, 3rd Battalion, 11th Marines send rounds downrange with the M-777 howitzer during Exercise Talisman Sabre 2015 in Australia.



B-2 Bomber Video

Military video from a bombing mission in 2011 in which three B-2 Spirit bombers made an 11,500 mile round trip from Whiteman AFB in Missouri to Libya and dropped 45 GPS-guided 2000 lbs bombs. The planes refueled in-flight and returned to base after 25 hours in the sky.



1st Armored Division Stryker Team Assault

Great U.S. Army video of 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, conducting a live fire Stryker assault at Fort Bliss, Texas.



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