Video: Iraq War Veteran on Mission to Eliminate Poverty

Video: Iraq War Veteran on Mission to Eliminate Poverty

August 08, 2015

Video: Iraq War Veteran on Mission to Eliminate Poverty

An Iraq War veteran who was awarded the Bronze Star for actions in combat is on a much different mission today than when he was deployed as a Special Forces Marine in Iraq. Instead of risking his life to take out the enemy, Jake Harriman's mission is to empower others to eliminate extreme poverty.

As the Iraq War veteran discussed in a recent interview, “It was the horrors of combat that shaped and molded me into the man that I am today. I fought for the idea that is America; a nation that stands for the freedom of human rights and lasting meaningful choices for all people everywhere. This idea has kept me in the fight, but now on a new front line: fighting to end extreme poverty.”

The Marine veteran chose the elimination of extreme poverty in remote, rural areas of the world as his new mission, not only to improve living conditions and material wealth, but also to empower individuals to make their own choices. It was also about combating terrorism.


Iraq War Veteran Creates Organization to Promote Global Security by Reducing Poverty

To engage in this new mission, Jake founded Nuru International where we found the following quote which shares the group's vision and ultimate goal.
Ending extreme poverty is more than addressing a lack of money or material resources–it’s about creating an enabling environment where people have the ability to make meaningful choices.
Choice is powerful and opens the door to hope, opportunity, change and a better future. Our mission is to create an enabling environment where people have the ability make meaningful choices on their own—not to create an environment where choices are made for them.
Our ultimate goal is to promote global security by ending extreme poverty in remote, rural areas of failed states and conflict zones by building self-sustaining, self-scaling programs that enable communities across an entire region to lift themselves out of extreme poverty within seven years.


Fox News Interview with Iraq War Veteran Jake Harriman

Learn more about Jake Harriman's organization, their vision to combat terrorism by ending poverty and the success Nuru International has achieved so far.


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