Military Firepower Takes Center Stage in This Week's Military Videos o

Military Firepower Takes Center Stage in This Week's Military Videos of Heroes in Action

September 03, 2015

Military Firepower Takes Center Stage in This Week's Military Videos of Heroes in Action

GoPro Abrams Tank video, Army assault training helmet cam video, Marines firing machine guns at tanks, soldiers firing javelin missiles: Do you see where this week's Heroes in Action military videos theme is going?

This week's military video clips feature our United States military firepower. If you like watching our service members in live fire training videos, then this week has you covered!

Along with what was mentioned above, you can also see video featuring Apache helicopters, Bradley fighting vehicles, an M119A3 Howitzer in action, U.S. snipers and more.

Enjoy this week's Heroes in Action military videos. And remember, no matter how cool the military weapons technology, the real power of the U.S. military are the women and men in uniform.

Thank you for your service and sacrifice!


Javelin Missile Shooting and Helmet Cam Video of Massive US Snipers and Soldiers Assault Training

This military video is loaded with action. First, there is video of shooting the powerful anti-tank missile FGM-148 Javelin followed by a massive US soldiers assault - some shot with a helmet cam putting you right in the action - during live firing training. This video also show Boeing AH-64 Apache assault helicopter, Bradley Fighting Vehicle and Humvee shooting the powerful .50 cal.



U.S. Marines Pierce Tanks with Machine Guns

Crank up the volume for this video featuring U.S. Marines using .50 cal machine guns and M240 machine guns against old tanks during a heavy machine gun range training day.



Military GoPro POV Video of M1 Abrams Tanks Live Fire Training

If you love military GoPro videos, then you will enjoy this clip as U.S. Army M1 Abrams tanks maneuver and fire at Rodriguez Live Fire Range in South Korea. This GoPro tank video live fire training footage features the U.S. Army 1st Battalion, 9th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division.



M119A3 Howitzer In Action - U.S. Army Artillery Video

Here's more military boom for you as members of 3rd Battalion, 112th Field Artillery fire the M119A3 105mm lightweight howitzer at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. The M119A3 is the newest version of the M119 Howitzer (L119 Light Gun). It has an all digital fire control system and an inertial navigation system.



US Army Using Its Best Weapons During Desert Attack

This military video shows a brigade level exercise that included M1 Abrams, Boeing AH-64 Apache, M142 HIMARS, Bradley fighting vehicle, F-15 and more in a combined arms breach and joint air attack.



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