Heroes in Action Military Videos: Inspiring Veterans Stories

Heroes in Action Military Videos: Inspiring Veterans Stories

September 24, 2015

Heroes in Action Military Videos: Inspiring Veterans Stories

Videos of inspiring veterans stories is the theme of this week's Heroes in Actions military videos. The brave men and women featured in the veterans videos below are true role models for all generations. We are honored to share the following inspirational veterans videos with our readers, and hope you find them as uplifting as we do.

As you know, here at Hero Giveaways, we are humbled by the bravery and accomplishments of all our service members and veterans. When we see inspiring veterans stories like the ones below, it gives us even more motivation to continue to support the Healing Heroes Network and its mission to provide financial assistance for quality care to military personnel injured in the line of duty in Iraq or Afghanistan since 9/11/01.

Thank you to all those who support wounded military veterans and service members through our giveaways and merchandise. And remember, even taking a moment to just say "Thank You" to those serving and those who served can make a huge difference.

Enjoy these inspiring veterans stories in this week's Heroes in Action military videos.


Wounded Veteran Inspiring Story

Wounded Marine Veteran, Ben Maenza, tell his story of how his life changed forever on his 28th day in Afghanistan.



The Inspiring Noah Galloway

Noah Galloway lost two limbs serving our country, but what he's been able to accomplish since then is nothing short of incredible.



A Blind Veteran's Inspirational Perspective

Michael Jernigan, Marine Veteran shares his story of triumph over adversity by finding purpose in community, excelling in education, and being held accountable by mentorship.



Women Veterans' Service Stories

Seven inspiring stories of women in the United States Armed Forces in their own words... from their significant contributions to national safety and security to the ongoing challenges faced during their service and after returning to civilian life.



A Marine Squad's Lone Survivor

On August 3, 2005, Marine Lance Corporal Travis Williams lost his entire squad in an explosion in Iraq. Seven years later, the noise from his work making custom knives helps him drown out the memories.



Warrior Games: Inspirational Sitting Volleyball Stories

Follow the inspirational stories of three athletes as they compete in sitting volleyball at the 2013 Warrior Games. The Warrior Games give ill and injured service members and veterans a chance to be competitive again. Sitting volleyball is played from a sitting position on the floor. The sport is governed by the same set of rules as the able-bodied game, with a few minor rule modifications



About Healing Heroes Network

Hero Giveaways is a proud supporter of Healing Heroes Network. Healing Heroes Network is committed to healing America’s Heroes by providing financial assistance for quality care to military personnel injured in the line of duty in Iraq or Afghanistan since 9/11/01. Join our mission in healing our Heroes by supporting our wounded Veterans through communication, education, and community outreach. Healing Heroes Network strives to bring awareness to the often untreated injuries sustained in war and the desperate need for our services. If you are aware of a wounded Hero injured after September 11, 2001, in need of medical services not being provided, or if you are a medical provider willing to join the network, please contact Healing Heroes Network directly at 727-781-4376, or visit www.healingheroes.org Other Articles
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