Heroic U.S. Airman from French Train Attack Stabbed While Protecting W

Heroic U.S. Airman from French Train Attack Stabbed While Protecting Woman

October 13, 2015

Heroic U.S. Airman from French Train Attack Stabbed While Protecting  Woman

Witnesses say, U.S. Airman Spencer Stone, who was hailed as a hero in the French train attack in August, was protecting a woman when he was stabbed multiple times outside a California bar last week. According to reports, Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone is awake and in stable condition after he suffered three stab wounds in a late-night attack in Sacramento. Police, searching for leads, have released a surveillance video which we share below.

In a statement released last Friday, UC Davis Medical Center said Stone is “able to get out of bed and in good spirits." Doctors at the medical center have upgraded the 23-year-old's condition from “serious” to “stable.”

At the time of this blog post, police have not arrested any suspects in the early Thursday morning brawl. Investigators urged more witnesses to come forward as they continue to sort through conflicting accounts of what happened.


Police Release Surveillance Video of of Paris Train Hero's Stabbing in California

Hoping witnesses may come forward in the stabbing attack of U.S. Airman Spencer Stone, police released a surveillance video which shows the fight. Airman Spencer Stone suffered a punctured lung after he was attacked by three men following a nightclub brawl in Sacramento. According to reports, Stone knocked out one of three attackers after he was repeatedly stabbed following a nightclub row.


Witness Says American Hero from France Train Attack was Protecting Woman When Stabbed

A man working at a nearby liquor store told local CBS affiliate KOVR-TV that the altercation that led to Stone’s being stabbed seemed to start as he attempted to break up a fight between a man and a woman.

Eric Cain told the Sacramento television station that he saw a group of people walking in the street coming from the direction of a nightclub in the neighborhood.

“Obviously they had left the club together,” Cain told the station. “They knew each other or something. They had been hanging out before this happened.”

It appeared to Cain that a young woman was arguing with her boyfriend and hitting him with a plastic bag. From a nearby street corner, he saw some pushing but did not expect it to boil over into a full-out fight, so he started walking back to his store.

That’s when the man punched his presumed girlfriend in the face and Stone intervened, Cain said. Stone was outnumbered, he said, and surveillance footage from the scene seems to corroborate that description.

“He didn’t look hurt at the time. He was walking with his arms up — you know how you are after you get in a fight,” Cain told the station. “I saw the back of his shirt. I saw a big red mark on the back of his shirt, and another random person walked by, and I just kinda went, ‘I think the dude got stabbed.’”

Cain said he was shocked to see the woman leave in a car with the suspects rather than with Stone.

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