Military Surprise Homecomings in This Week's Heroes in Action Videos

October 15, 2015

Military Surprise Homecomings in This Week's Heroes in Action Videos

Long deployments and missing military family members comes with the territory for our brave service members and their military spouses and families. With that being said, it is understandable that military homecomings are very emotional for all involved.

When military family members have no idea that a service member is coming home, well, you can imagine how much emotion can be involved in that military reunion. In today's Heroes in Action military videos, we share videos of military surprise homecomings.

From a surprise moment at a high school graduation to a sister's big wedding day surprise, these military reunion videos come with a warning that they may induce tears in viewers.

Thank you to all our service members and veterans for your service and sacrifice. We here at Hero Giveaways can't say "thank you" enough for all that you do to keep our country free and all Americans safe.

Marine Surpises his sister on her wedding day

In this military surprise homecoming, an active duty Marine surprises his sister on her wedding day. On the day before her wedding, Sarah cried on her mother's lap because her brother and best friend would not be home for her wedding. Watch as the Marine surprises her by making her special day even more special.



Little Girl's Priceless Reaction To Dad's Homecoming

Sgt. Mike Clark has been serving in Iraq and Kuwait for nine months. His 11-year-old daughter Karleigh knew about her dad's homecoming. She didn't, however, have any idea when it would happen. This is the heartwarming moment, Clark surprises his daughter during softball game.



Military Mom Surprises Son at Graduation

What a military surprise this mom and school district staged for this graduate! In this video, an Alabama high school senior celebrates more than just his graduation. Deployed in Guantanamo Bay for last 9 months.



U.S Marine Comes Home and Surprises His Brother

A pair of brothers, who lost their father when they were very young, share a very special bond. Watch as Meyers Leonard gets surprised at basketball practice by his Marine brother who is home from Afghanistan.



Best Surprise Military Homecomings Compilation

Here's a compilation of surprise military homecomings caught on camera in 2015. After a long deployment overseas, the service members in these military homecoming videos give their loved ones a giant and welcome surprise.


Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home Compilation

Its not just brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, or sons and daughters who are excited to see their family members come home from long military deployments. In this great group of military surprise videos, we see the joy of dogs welcoming soldiers home.




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