ISIS attacks on Paris

ISIS attacks on Paris

November 16, 2015

ISIS attacks on Paris

As the world is now well aware, France, America's oldest ally, was attacked by terrorists in the heart of it's "City of Light" this past Friday. As Americans, when this kind of tragedy occurs, we are immediately reminded of our own tragedy in New York City on September 11, 2001. We grieve for Paris as they struggle through the shock and horror of what has happened to so many innocent lives, doing nothing more than enjoying a Friday night out in their beloved city.

Of the 8 suspected ISIS members involved in the attacks on 6 different locations spread throughout the city, 7 have been confirmed dead, while a manhunt takes place for the 8th escaped terrorist. Locations of attack included two restaurants, a concert hall, and a soccer stadium, where a highly publicized match was taking place between France and Germany.

ISIS has claimed complete responsibility for the Friday attacks, and vows more are coming in an online video purportedly released by the terrorist group in which one man states: "I swear to God, as we struck France in its stronghold, Paris, we will strike America in its own stronghold in Washington with God's will."

 Here's the latest breaking news regarding this horrific tragedy from CNN today: -

President Francois Hollande addressed a joint session of French parliament Monday, only the third time a president has done so since 1848 and said the Paris attacks were planned in Syria and organized in Belgium. Six of the Paris attackers spent time in Syria, according to CNN affiliate BFMTV in France. -

France and ISIS are not involved in a clash of civilizations, Hollande said, because "these terrorists don't represent any civilization." He also said that Syria has "become the largest factory of terrorism the world has known." - France intends to continue airstrikes against in Syria, and the arrival of aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle will triple the country's ability to carry out those strikes, Hollande said.

Act Now to Boost Your Chances to Win 2 Harleys Plus a Year of Gas![/caption] - Hollande would like to see his country's state of emergency stay in place for three months, and he would like to see laws allowing France to deport suspected terrorists or strip them of their citizenship, even if they were born in the country, he said.

- U.S. President Barack Obama defended his strategy for combating ISIS, during a news conference at the G20 Summit in Turkey. Sending large numbers of ground troops to Syria and Iraq, he said, would be a "mistake."

(Article courtesy of CNN)

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