Video: Thief Steals Irreplaceable Item from Family of Late Soldier

Video: Thief Steals Irreplaceable Item from Family of Late Soldier

December 02, 2015

Video: Thief Steals Irreplaceable Item from Family of Late Soldier

A New Jersey family hoped to celebrate their dead son's life with a memory quilt made from his military uniform and old t-shirts. Now all they can hope for is that the thief who stole the irreplaceable item from their home is caught and the quilt memorializing the late soldier is returned.

Hearing heartbreaking story of the Delmonaco family and watching the video showing the their stealing the memory quilt from the family of this late soldier will have your blood boiling.

Please share this story with friends and family. And if anyone reading this or watching the surveillance video thinks they may have information which could help the Delmonaco family, please make sure to contact the Edison, NJ police.

A heartless thief caught on camera stealing a holiday package from the front door of a New Jersey home pilfered an irreplaceable memento intended for the family of a young Army soldier who died last year.

Karen Delmonaco, of Edison, tells WABC that the box stolen from in front of her home contained custom-made memory quilts sewn together with 90 pieces of shirts belonging to her son Robert, who was serving in the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant with Alpha Troop 1-102nd Cavalry N.J. Army National Guard when he died in October 2014 at age 21.

The quilts were intended as Christmas gifts for Robert Delmonaco’s siblings and his father, the station reported.

“I was waiting for them for a while. I got the confirmation that they were there. I came home, they were gone,” Karen Delmonaco said. "I just want them back; that's all we have really are his memories and some of his things."

Report courtesy of Fox News.

Video of Thief Stealing Item from Family of Deceased Soldier

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