Boy Battling Leukemia Made Honorary Navy SEAL

Boy Battling Leukemia Made Honorary Navy SEAL

December 11, 2015

Boy Battling Leukemia Made Honorary Navy SEAL

The Navy SEALs have welcomed their newest member: a brave 14-year-old boy from North Carolina who has been fighting his own personal battle for years.

B.J. Correll, a 14-year-old boy with dreams of becoming a U.S. Navy SEAL, received a surprise visit from veterans as he underwent treatment in North Carolina for his second battle with leukemia.

His mother said he has wanted to join the Navy and become a Navy SEAL since a middle school project. The SEAL Swim Charities group heard about the teen's story and wanted to honor him.

B.J. Correll was visited in his Duke University Hospital bed by a group of retired SEALs who made him an honorary member, Fox 5 Atlanta reported.

“He shows the character of what a SEAL would be like. He’s very strong,” Stephen Brown, a SEAL Swim Charities member told the news site. “He has gone through so much. So much pain, just not physically but mentally. And he stayed so strong through it.”

B.J. told the SEALs "thank you" and told them it was an honor. They replied saying it was their honor and they would be proud to serve with him.

Correll, who discovered his dream after completing a middle school project, said it was an honor and thanked the SEALs.

“It took my breath away. He’s having a hard time right now,” his mother, who was not identified, told Fox 5 Atlanta. “We are on our last option and it was just amazing for him to already have what he’s wanted to do for his life.”

Correll was first diagnosed with leukemia in 2012, and in May 2015— with seven months of treatment left— doctors informed him that the cancer was back.

(Article Courtesy of Fox News and Fox5 Atlanta).

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February 22, 2016

I am so proud of the Navy Seals and all that they do for each one of us in the united states of america. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Even though I can’t be in the military. Due to my disabilties. I still honor each branch of the military. My uncle was a navy seal. Keep up the great work.

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