Top 10 Military News Stories of 2015

Top 10 Military News Stories of 2015

December 30, 2015

Top 10 Military News Stories of 2015

What are the top military news stories of 2015? There were a wide-range of military stories in 2015 which could have made this top ten list.

As noted, "The year 2015 saw major news in just about every corner of the globe involving the military, from the South China Seas to the ongoing threat of ISIS in the Middle East, as well as issues closer to home, including debates over women in combat and congressional arguments about downsizing the military."

Below, we list the 2015 military news stories which made the top five of this year's top ten military news stories as ranked by

You'll find a link to the complete list and full details of the top ten military news stories of 2015 below the top five.

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Pentagon Opens All Combat Jobs to Women

History was made in 2015 for women in the military on several fronts. The first three women graduated from Army Ranger School amid debate over the role of women in combat. The achievements proved to many that women can meet the physical requirements of direct-action combat jobs and Defense Secretary Ash Carter subsequently ordered that all military jobs be opened to women.


Congress Approves Military Retirement Overhaul

Following a recommendation from an independent commission, Congress approved a historic overhaul of the military retirement system, including 401(k)-like plans for troops who serve less than 20 years. The change won't affect existing service members or retirees. But new recruits who enter service beginning in October 2017 will see 3 percent of their basic pay automatically saved into a Thrift Savings Plan.


US Deploys More Ground Troops to Fight ISIS

As the battle against ISIS rages on in the Middle East, 2015 marked the year in which U.S. ground forces became more involved in the fight against the militants. In October, a Delta Force member was killed while leading an assault team on an ISIS prison in Iraq, becoming the first American service member to be killed in action in fighting against the terrorist group known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.


Russia Enters the War in Syria

Russia enters the conflict in Syria in late September when Russian military jets carried out airstrikes in the country for the first time. Russian President Vladimir Putin said the operations were designed to attack ISIS. "If they (militants) succeed in Syria, they will return to their home country, and they will come to Russia, too," Putin said.

U.S.-China Tensions Flare in the South China Sea

Tensions between the U.S. and China in the South China Sea flared this year as China sought to assert its sovereignty over the area, including the potentially resource-rich Spratly Islands, which offer a strategic location for Chinese military aircraft and naval ships.

You can see the entire top ten list of 2015 military news stories here.


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