Pentagon Announces 10 Key Islamic State Leaders Killed in Airstrikes in December

December 30, 2015

Pentagon Announces 10 Key Islamic State Leaders Killed in Airstrikes in December

In military news, the Pentagon announced that 10 commanders of the Islamic State had been killed by coalition airstrikes over the past month. One of those ISIS leaders, Charaffe al Mouadan, had a "direct link" to the Paris attacks ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

Coalition spokesman Col. Steve Warren said 10 senior ISIS leaders operating in both Iraq and Syria, "including several external attack planners," with designs on attacking western targets, had been killed in airstrikes in December.

In addition to al Mouadan, the other nine Islamic State leaders killed in the coalition airstrikes focused on everything from planning attacks on Western targets to overseeing ISIS finances to the organization's hacking efforts.

"I think any organization that sees its middle and upper management degraded in this way is going to lose some of their synergy," Col. Steve Warren said. "It's difficult to command and control an organization without the command and control personnel."

However, Warren acknowledged Tuesday that, "We have not severed the head of this snake yet, and it has still got has fangs. There's much more fighting to do."

Warren went on to say, “We will continue to hunt ISIL leaders who are working to recruit, plan and inspire attacks against the United States of America and our allies.”

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