Amazon Prime Video Is Expanding To U.S. Military Overseas

Amazon Prime Video Is Expanding To U.S. Military Overseas

January 11, 2016

Amazon Prime Video Is Expanding To U.S. Military Overseas

Amazon has announced that they are expanding Amazon Prime Video to the United States military members and their families overseas, as a part of the company’s ongoing efforts to deliver programming to those who reside on U.S. military bases around world.

Amazon has already been providing this service on selected bases scattered in Kuwait, Japan, Turkey and Afghanistan. Amazon began unblocking video streaming to a handful of military locations starting in 2014 and has been expanding that offering since.

“That means military members and their families who reside within U.S. military bases abroad and who are Prime members have unlimited access to thousands of movies and TV episodes available in the U.S. Prime Video catalog,” Amazon wrote. “Military members and their families can just go to the Amazon Video app for TVs, connected devices and mobile devices."

Amazon has also teamed up with the American Forces Network to bring its original series to military personnel and their families. AFN is a global radio and TV broadcast network which is available on military bases as well as 140 U.S. Navy ships at sea.

Military personnel and their family members who reside on their bases would then be able to access the U.S. library of Amazon Prime Video and stream all of the content from any device where Amazon’s video streaming service works.

Those bases where access to Amazon Video is unblocked can watch online via or via connected TV or mobile devices.

Amazon has also put up a list of bases where this service has already been unblocked, it hasn’t revealed as yet on which bases the service will be unblocked next, only saying that they will continue unlocking Prime Video on more bases throughout 2016.

The list of current unblocked bases is as follows:

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