Kerry Infuriated by Iran's Videos of Detained Soldiers

Kerry Infuriated by Iran's Videos of Detained Soldiers

January 19, 2016

Kerry Infuriated by Iran's Videos of Detained Soldiers

On the heels of the United States Navy releasing it's first official account of Iran's seizure and release of 10 U.S. sailors, Secretary of State John Kerry went on the offensive in interviews to say he was “infuriated” by Iranian footage showing American sailors on their knees with their hands above their heads after being captured last week.

A second video released by Iran showed one of the men apologizing for their actions, though officials insist no official apology was given to the Iranians.

Last week, Kerry praised the the diplomatic efforts and Tehran’s cooperation that led to the sailors’ release. Under pressure from Republican lawmakers, Secretary of State John Kerry now says that he was unaware of the inappropriate video footage released by Iran.

“I was furious about it, and I immediately contacted my counterpart. And we indicated our disgust,” Kerry said Monday.

He added that “it was clear” the footage did not come from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and likely came from the Iranian military.

“It was very, very unfortunate, inappropriate. And as a former sailor, and member of the military, I was infuriated by it and I expressed that very directly to my counterpart,” Kerry said.

If you have not seen these videos which Iran's Revolutionary Guard are being accused of using for propaganda, you can view them here and read more about the issue.

US Military Releases First Account of Sailors' Iran Detention

In its first official account of Iran's seizure and subsequent release of 10 U.S. sailors in the Persian Gulf, the U.S. military said Monday the only items found missing from their two recovered boats were SIM cards for two satellite phones.

It was also reported that the sailors who were briefly detained by the Iranian military last week were held at gunpoint and had a verbal exchange with Iranian personnel before they were released

But key questions, such as why the sailors had deviated from their planned route to enter Iranian territorial waters, remain unanswered in the account released by U.S. Central Command. It's calling the description a preliminary timeline of the events of Jan. 12-13.

"A Navy command investigation initiated Jan. 14 will provide a more complete accounting of events," Central Command said.

The investigation will focus on the U.S. sailors' treatment while in custody, including any interrogation by Iranian personnel, the command said.


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