Video: Wounded Soldier Fights VA for Benefits

Video: Wounded Soldier Fights VA for Benefits

January 21, 2016

Video: Wounded Soldier Fights VA for Benefits

An Army veteran who nearly lost his life from a roadside bomb in Afghanistan is now in a fight with the VA for benefits he was promised. Unfortunately, Army Ranger Levi Eaves' story is another in a seemingly endless list of veteran's stories sharing how bad the Department of Veterans Affairs is treating our troops.

"There was an agreement when I joined, that if you go over there and do what you have to do, we'll take care of you when we get back. That's been for the most part stripped of me," says Eaves.

Eaves, who woke up in Walter Reed three weeks after the explosion in Afghanistan, had broken legs, hips, a cracked spine, kidney and spleen damage, among other injuries, eventually his right leg had to be amputated.

"They told my mom it was like putting Chicklets back together," says Eaves.

VA Says Soldiers Injuries Not Related to Military Service

Not only was the wounded soldier facing a long road to recovery, he was also being told by the VA he would only receive 60% of his disability benefits.

What was the VA's reasoning behind this decision?

The Department of Veterans Affairs was claiming that several of Eaves' injuries were not related to military service. Astonishingly, two of those injuries the VA denied are listed on his records specifically as "blast injuries".

When talking about the VA's lack of reading comprehension skills when it comes to his medical records, Army Ranger Levi Eaves said, "That screams right there, no one reviews this like they were supposed to, they just pushed it through."

Now, the wounded soldier has Congressman Gus Bilirakis in his corner. Bilirakis has reached out directly to the VA Secretary asking him to review Eaves's case.

"He lost a limb and they're not covered? Very disappointing," says Gus Bilirakis, (R-FL) 12th Congressional District.

"I just want the VA to give us justly what was promised to us. Give us our honor back. I truly feel disgraced by this," says Eaves.

You can keep up with Levi Eaves and his fight with the VA on his Facebook Community page.

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Valerie Vieno
Valerie Vieno

February 22, 2016

This is so sad and so very wrong on all levels. Give him what you promised. Take care of all of hus needs. He sacrificed everything for us and our freedom. Show him you give a damn. I do.

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