Investigation Finds Only VA Jobs Reserved Specifically For Vets are Ja

Investigation Finds Only VA Jobs Reserved Specifically For Vets are Janitor Positions

January 22, 2016

Investigation Finds Only VA Jobs Reserved Specifically For Vets are Janitor Positions

Does the VA reserve certain jobs specifically for veterans? The answer to that question is "Yes".

However, when you read what jobs at the VA are explicitly reserved for veterans, and how the VA holds back many other open positions specifically from vets while reserving them for union members, you're probably going to feel your blood begin to boil.

An analysis of data from by the Daily Caller News Foundation has uncovered a dirty little secret when it comes to Department of Veterans Affairs hiring practices.

According to their findings, the only jobs explicitly reserved for veterans at the Department of Veterans Affairs are janitors or what may be referred to as “housekeeping aides” in some job listings.

The VA then uses those low-paying janitorial jobs, filled with veterans, to meet their hiring goals. And at the same time, other vacancies - many with no special skill requirements and which pay higher wages - are reserved for current union members - government employees.

The investigation found that while some jobs do require experience - for example a position in a supervisory role - most of the open positions held for current civil employees and union members did not require a special skill set. In other words, veterans could easily fill these higher-paying positions.

Why the VA Limits Jobs from Veterans

Veterans said the limiting of so many jobs to current federal civil servants shows that the VA has become a self-perpetuating, union-backed jobs program for career bureaucrats. They contend managers support the status quo because they fear employees who are vets are less likely to quietly go along with sloppy practices and more likely to turn whistleblower when they witness conduct detrimental to their brothers in arms.

Richard Hill, a VA doctor for 20 years who is also a veteran, told TheDCNF that “the leadership believes the VA exists for them and their staff. The veterans are just a nuisance. Employees, especially doctors and nurses who are themselves veterans, identify with the veterans and cause trouble. It is that simple.”

Read a more detailed accounting of this investigation here.

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