Video: Military Wife Expresses Gratitude to Furnace Repair Man

April 01, 2016

Video: Military Wife Expresses Gratitude to Furnace Repair Man

When a military wife came home to a cold house and a furnace that wasn't working, she texted her husband who was deployed overseas with the National Guard.

After figuring out that the fixing the furnace would require a professional, Bridget Stevens' husband Bobby, suggested she call Paul Betlyn who owns Betlyn Heating and Cooling in Moon Township, Pennsylvania.

Betlyn, repaired the furnace, but instead of the $150 repair charge he would normally bill a customer, he handed the military wife a bill for $1. On that bill, he wrote the words "deployment discount."

Paul Betlyn went on to tell Bridget Stevens that the $1 was a joke and that there would be no charge for the furnace repair.

After the military news story went viral and people began contacting Betlyn and talking about him online as if he was a hero, the business owner made it clear that he did nothing special.

"I'm not the hero here. The deployed, they're the heroes," he clarified.

In the interview below, Bridget Stevens and Paul Betlyn discuss their story and how the act of kindness has gone viral.

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George Hall
George Hall

April 01, 2016

God bless the Service members and the furnace repairman, and God bless the USA…

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