Veterans Sound Off On Problems At Veterans Affairs: Appointment Delays

Veterans Sound Off On Problems At Veterans Affairs: Appointment Delays Still An Issue

January 27, 2016

Veterans Sound Off On Problems At Veterans Affairs: Appointment Delays Still An Issue

Veterans vent their frustrations at the VA in the following video from the Abandoned Brothers segment on Fox News.

Veterans outside the Baltimore VA discuss how appointment delays and other problems continue a year after the initial VA wait time scandal.

Some veterans say that not only do problems at the Veterans Affairs continue, but many of the issues which lawmakers promised would be fixed are actually worse today than a year ago.

We've shared many stories of the mistreatment of veterans - from long delays to denying benefits - at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Now, you can sit back and hear our military veterans sound off on these problems themselves.

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1 Response

Wayne E. Miller
Wayne E. Miller

February 22, 2016

I utilize the Wilkes-Barre, PA VAMC and would always brag about how well they have treated us Veterans. Well, as of six months ago, I no longer praise them but despise them. I get a certain medication delivered to my home that I have to sign for. After my primary care provider went on vacation last year it keeps getting harder and harder to have the pharmacy fill the script when due, even though my primary sends the script in. I ended up calling to see where it’s at and talk to a pharmacy representative in Atlanta, GA. Once I contact them it seems that my script is magically filled and out in the mail (UPS) and I get the next day. Recently my script was filled by Wilkes-Barre pharmacy on the 19th of January. By the 23rd of January I still did not receive it. Called the pharmacy in Wilkes-Barre and was told it was filled but wasn’t processed yet. Their excuse was that they got behind because of the MLK, Jr. holiday. All of a sudden, just because they had a holiday they got behind on the scripts. Out of the fifteen years I’ve been dealing with the Wilkes-Barre, PA VAMC I NEVER had to go through all this to receive my meds.
Here’s a kicker. Because my meds are delivered via UPS I can track the package. On the 23rd of January it showed that the package was picked up by UPS, went to the UPS facility for sorting in Pittston, PA which is approximately 13 miles from my home. From there, the package went to Middletown, PA. As the name states, it’s in the middle of Pennsylvania. They sent the package further away, probably about three hours from my home. To make matters worse, the package then was taken to Louisville, Kentucky! The thing I found hilarious is that UPS was to deliver the package that day, Saturday, to my home in Dickson City, PA on or before 1200hrs. I called UPS and of course I talked to some kid in India. He really was nice though and did try to help. Asked his supervisor if there was any way they could expidite the package but of course there wasn’t.
So it doesn’t matter if you rely on the drug you’re prescribed and the pharmacy doesn’t fill it; leaves it sit around to be processed; or sends it on a journey, there’s nothing you can do about it. I’m sure that if one of them in the pharmacy need a script filled it’s processed immediately, before any other.
YES, the VA’s ARE getting worse, not better. Perhaps they should start vetting those working there. They’ve become to laxed behind their desks and glass.

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