Disabled Veteran Ripped Off, Left Homeless by Contractor

Disabled Veteran Ripped Off, Left Homeless by Contractor

January 28, 2016

Disabled Veteran Ripped Off, Left Homeless by Contractor

A disabled veteran who hired a contractor to perform work on his home is now out of a lot of money and can no longer live in the home.

Kenneth Holtz is a disabled veteran who lives in St. Charles, Missouri. Holtz recently hired a local contractor to do some work on his mobile home.

The contractor, however, left one day halfway through the work - after tearing the disabled veteran's home apart - and has not returned. Now, Holtz is without a toilet, lights, heat or running water.

And unfortunately, the disabled vet is also out $17,000 which he paid for materials and labor.

“As soon as he found out the city inspector had been by the house, he skedaddled. Won’t return phone calls,” said Holtz.

The city says they will not allow Holtz to live in his home until repairs are made. Holtz is staying with a neighbor temporarily.

Community Steps Up to Help Disabled Veteran Ripped Off by Contractor

When the news spread about the contractor ripping off and leaving this disabled veteran homeless, the local community stepped up to help.

According to reports, other local St. Charles contractors are helping Holtz. One of these contractors who is providing free services to help the veteran get his home back in livable condition is Tim Branham, owner of Branham Electric.

Branham said, “There is so much he doesn’t have. Everything he had has been hauled off to the dump and they left him sitting in here in a wheelchair with nothing.”

Other businesses are helping with materials. The local Lowe's is donating flooring and a another company - Marc's Installation - will install that flooring for Holtz.

Watch a local news report sharing the disabled veteran's story here.

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February 22, 2016

Thank you for helping this veteran. Can’t believe someone would do this to anyone…Karma will get him…Thank you for your service sir and god bless you.

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