Combat Veterans Motorcycle Club Helps Homeless Veterans

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Club Helps Homeless Veterans

February 03, 2016

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Club Helps Homeless Veterans

A combat veterans motorcycle association in Louisville, Kentucky helped put together housing kits for homeless veterans. The kits are needed to help homeless vets have basic necessities once they do have somewhere to live.

The Louisville Chapter of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA KY 1-4) decided to put together transitional housing kits to honor a good friend and retired Army sergeant who passed away in December.

The combat veterans approached the VA and asked how they could help homeless veterans.

"They said ‘whatever you can get together would be great, we've never had anybody be able to put together more than 4’. So that was our goal," chapter commander Brian Schroeder said. "We'd like to hit four."

But the bikers were determined to surpass that number - 4 kits - that the VA gave them. And, in fact, the combat veterans motorcycle club members tripled that number and collected enough supplies for 12 kits.

That means 12 former homeless veterans will not have to furnish their new place on their own.

In all, nearly 30 different household items worth several hundred dollars were put in the kits – everything from air mattresses and vacuum cleaners to laundry detergent, pillows, sheets and towels.

Everything you'd need for your very own place.

The group of veterans say they will continue to honor their friend by collecting items to put into housing kits for homeless veterans transitioning into new homes. Their goal next year - to double the amount of kits they collected this year.

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Gracie Gibson
Gracie Gibson

February 22, 2016

I’m the founder/President of a new non-profit(501) organization. Remembering All Veterans Everyday Organization. Our mission is to acquire property for transitional housing for our homeless veterans. Hopefully we can work together toward the same cause of taking care of our veterans.

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