Video: Marine Veteran Saves Texas Deputy's Life

Video: Marine Veteran Saves Texas Deputy's Life

February 05, 2016

Video: Marine Veteran Saves Texas Deputy's Life

a Marine veteran with a concealed-carry firearm saved the life of a Texas deputy last month. The incident occurred when Bastrop County Texas Deputy, Dylan Dorris, was responding to a disturbance between a male suspect and a woman with a child.

When the mail suspect saw the deputy, he took off in his vehicle. After failing to pull over initially, the driver eventually stopped at a gas station. That's when things got a little worrisome for the Texas deputy.

Once the vehicle was stopped, Dorris attempted to arrest the driver, but he resisted. While Dorris was struggling with the driver, the man allegedly reached for the deputy’s weapon.

When Marine veteran and concealed-carry permit holder Scott Perkins saw the struggle and saw the assailant with his hand on the deputy's gun, he jumped into action drawing his weapon and ordering the suspect to freeze.

Watch the Texas deputy and Marine vet tell their sides of the story in the news video below.

After fleeing and an ensuing search, the male suspect was arrested. He currently faces charges of aggravated assault of a public servant, taking an officer’s weapon, evading arrest or detention with a vehicle, and driving while under the influence with a child under 15.

Following the incident, Dorris praised Perkins, telling the Austin American-Statesman, "I’m alive today because of him."

"There are no words to explain it. He’s such an outstanding citizen. He’s here for our country, our community, and you really feel the love."

Perkins, however, remained humble despite his heroics.

"Anytime somebody is in need of help, you should assist them," he said. "It doesn’t matter whether your life is in danger or not, you should always assist anybody who is in need."

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