2nd Teen Charged in Murder of Iraq War Veteran, Father

2nd Teen Charged in Murder of Iraq War Veteran, Father

February 09, 2016

2nd Teen Charged in Murder of Iraq War Veteran, Father

A grand jury indicted a second teen for killing an Alabama Iraq War veteran. The veteran was gunned down Jan. 5 outside his Hoover, Alabama home when he confronted the suspects as they were breaking into his car.

The father and Iraq War veteran collapsed on his front doorsteps and was later pronounced dead on the scene.

17-year-old Ahmad Johnson and 16-year-old Charleston Wells were each charged with one count of murder and nine counts of unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle.

Police said Wells and Johnson are among several suspects, and they are not yet saying who pulled the trigger. All four suspects range in age from 16-20.

2nd teen charged in murder of Hoover father, Iraq veteran

Hoover police Capt. Gregg Rector. said the investigation is far from over. "We've worked every single day since this crime occurred and we'll continue,'' he said. "I wish this could go faster than it's going, but I'm very grateful that we're 30 days after the death of Mike Gilotti and now we've officially held a second person who is responsible accountable for his actions."

Gilotti's death struck a chord with the community, and with investigators. "This is just a regular guy living in a nice neighborhood, family, job, doing everything right,'' Rector said. "he was not only shot and killed in front of his house,

he was shot in the back and killed in front of his house." This was a guy who served his country, he fought for this country in Iraq for 15 months. He fought door to door for our country,'' he said. "To see someone like him get gunned down for no apparent reason, absolutely it's person to us."

Rector said there are still individuals in the Bessemer community who have information about this case who have not yet come forward. They are asked to call Sgt. Keith Czeskleba at 205-739-6795 or the Hoover Police Department at 205-822-5300. Tipsters who want to remain anonymous and be eligible for a cash reward can call Crime Stoppers at 205-254-7777.

Read an in-depth article on this story here. Thanks to the Healing Heroes blog for bringing this story to our attention.

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