North Korea Launches Rocket and Sparks Conversation of Preemptive Stri

North Korea Launches Rocket and Sparks Conversation of Preemptive Strikes

February 09, 2016

North Korea Launches Rocket and Sparks Conversation of Preemptive Strikes

North Korea fired the rocket Sunday despite warnings from a number of countries who claimed the satellite launch was a front for a long-range missile test. North Korea maintains the launch is for scientific and "peaceful purposes."

At a North Korea rocket launch celebration, Yoon Dong Hyun, vice director of the Ministry of the People's Armed Forces, said the country would continue developing its aerospace technology in the face of international sanctions. Efforts by other countries to block such an advance were "nothing more than a puppy barking towards the moon," he said.

Most leaders aren't buying North Korea's reasoning behind their latest rocket launch. Eight nations alongside the European Union and NATO issued statements quickly opposing the launch.

At an emergency meeting Sunday, members of the Security Council "strongly condemned" the launch and reaffirmed that "a clear threat to international peace and security continues to exist, especially in the context of the nuclear test."

And here in the United States, the North Korean rocket launch was a topic at the Republican debate Saturday.

Asked if they would consider a preemptive strike against the rocket as it sat on its launchpad in North Korea, one candidate - Jeb Bush - said he would approve a strike.

"If a preemptive strike is necessary to keep us safe, then we should do it," Bush said.

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