Breaking Military News: WW II Marine Hero Who Led Charge During Battle

Breaking Military News: WW II Marine Hero Who Led Charge During Battle of Iwo Jima Dies

February 18, 2016

Breaking Military News: WW II Marine Hero Who Led Charge During Battle of Iwo Jima Dies

In military news, we sadly share the passing of the Marine who led the charge to place the first American flag above Iwo Jima. First Lt. John Wells led his Marines in a frontal assault up the slopes of Mount Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II.

After repeated attempts to make it to the top and after being severely wounded taking multiple enemy rounds, the brave Marine continued to command, leading his men to victory.

Wells' platoon raised the first flag atop the mountain, hours before the iconic photo of the second flag raising was captured.

First Lt. John Wells

First Lt. John Wells WW II Veteran and American Hero[/caption] The engagement gained his platoon the distinction as the most decorated platoon to fight in a single engagement in the history of the Marine Corps. For the Marine's acts of heroism in World War II, he received the Navy Cross, Bronze Star and Purple Heart. Wells, who was 94, died Feb. 11 at the Arvada Care Rehabilitation Center in Arvada, Colorado. First Lt. John Wells' daughter described her father as "a very warm, sensitive, spiritual man, all the way to age 94.” She went on to say, “He honored and loved the Marine Corps with all his heart and soul. He loved his family, and his last words were, ‘My family.’” Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Our thoughts go out to Well's family, friends and fellow soldiers.


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Ted Blackwell
Ted Blackwell

February 22, 2016

No, not a word on mainstream media. If you’re not a POS rock star, actor or actress, or some transgender freak, no notice will be made of your passing. Sad those who contributed the most to our way of life are least remembered, and those who have done the most to tear it down are honored.

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