MUST WATCH : You Won't BELIEVE Why This Soldier Is In Jeopardy Of Discharge!

February 20, 2016

MUST WATCH : You Won't BELIEVE Why This Soldier Is In Jeopardy Of Discharge!

Nick Freitas is on a mission, to awaken those blind to what goes on behind closed doors of the military and government. His vessel? His close friend, SFC Charles Martland.

Martland is in jeopardy of being discharged from the military for one of the most bizarre and infuriating reasons. Martland’s story starts four years ago in Afghanistan, when a small boy and his mother approached him for help. That small boy had been tied to a post, and repeatedly brutalized for days by an Afghan police officer. They looked to the United States military for help.

When Martland approached the Afghan police officer, along with his commanding officer, the boy and his mother, they were laughed at. In a fit of HUMAN rage, Martland beat the officer for his wrong doings.

He is now in jeopardy for beating a man the brutalized a child? This is what Freitas is pleading for. For the U.S. government to open there eyes and understand that by punishing an honorable soldier for doing his job – To Free The Oppressed.

Watch this video and listen to Freitas’ powerful speech to “the powers that be.”

Click HERE to watch the video! 

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