Video: Service Dog Returned to Veteran

Video: Service Dog Returned to Veteran

March 01, 2016

Video: Service Dog Returned to Veteran

A war veteran, who suffers from PTSD, was reunited with his service dog recently. Watch the video below to see their heartwarming reunion.

Retired Coast Guardsman Eric Fair wondered if he would ever see his service dog Cerberous again after the dog was stolen from his friends yard.

Fair, who was given the service dog by the Department of Veterans Affairs, could not believe his friend and companion was gone - maybe forever.

"I even found myself eating a sandwich yesterday, and I was going to give him the leftovers," says Fair. "But then I realized he wasn't even there to give him the leftovers."

And then, they were reunited. Lucky for us, the reunion between the veteran and service dog was captured on video and shared on Twitter.

According to news reports, Fair and Cerberous were out on their morning run when Fair's medication gave him a bloody nose. The veteran then took his service dog and ran to his nearest friend's house to wash up.

He tied his dog to a tree in the front yard, but when he walked out of the house, his dog was gone.

"It was panic," says Fair. "I was distraught."

After the story broke, it was shared on a number of social networks. That sharing of the story, it turns out, was how the reunion happened.

That's when a local couple, who found the dog and had been trying to locate the owner, saw a social media post from a friend and were able to return the dog to Fair.

The veteran was thankful to people for sharing the story through social media. "It shows how loving and compassionate people really can be," he said.

It is still not known if the dog was stolen and later released of if the veteran's service dog just escaped on its own.

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