Veteran With An Amazingly Unique Hobby Creates Something Special For H

Veteran With An Amazingly Unique Hobby Creates Something Special For His Fallen Comrades

March 10, 2016

Veteran With An Amazingly Unique Hobby Creates Something Special For His Fallen Comrades

"Tombstone repair is a hobby of mine," says John Mason from VFW Post 9877. "My VFW Post comes to this cemetery several times a year, and we put flags, small American flags, on the veteran's graves."

Mason claims to have spent most of his life honoring the past. His wishes have now come true though, now that the Vietnam Veteran has been allowed by a unanimous vote to construct a memorial for his fallen brethren.

His trunk is now filled with slabs of smooth, heavy concrete with the names of 11 gentlemen engraved.


"We want to erect a Vietnam Memorial here, dedicated to the 11 men from Amherst County who were killed in the Vietnam War."

This has been a long-time dream of his and claims it is the least he could do, "I finally said, enough is enough, it's going to happen this time”

"I was in Vietnam when the last three of these guys were killed" he says. "I didn't know them personally, but they're my brothers."


"There's a lieutenant in the Virginia Army National Guard... he found out about this and asked me for my home address and sent a donation of $100 for the memorial."

Mason hopes the friends and family of his fellow soldiers will visit the memorial.

"This is the perfect place, now they'll have a nice spot to come and pay their respects to all 11 of them at one time… You try to have some tangible place that you can go visit and honor them, as your ancestor or as a veteran that fought for your freedoms."

The dedication to his project will be on Memorial Day.

(Healing Heroes Network) 

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