Public Safety Cadets Help Restore Soon-To-Be Veteran Homes

Public Safety Cadets Help Restore Soon-To-Be Veteran Homes

March 15, 2016

Public Safety Cadets Help Restore Soon-To-Be Veteran Homes

The Georgia Public Safety Training Center showed their appreciation for our heroes by cleaning their yards. 

Several cadets pitched in this past weekend. "We cut all the grass, we trimmed the hedges, raked and mulched the leaves in the backyard, we cut a lot of the excess limbs that are kind of dangerous, we cleaned it all up," Cadet Bryant Neal said. He was one of 30 cadets that participated in the Veteran Homes 4 Veterans project.

"One in every three homeless individuals are veterans and what really blew me away was being in the state of Georgia, Georgia is third in the nation for having the most homeless vets," organizer Luaunda Patterson said.

The house the cadets were cleaning will actually become a home for veterans and families while they attend the Veteran Educations Career Transition Center close by.

"I'm a veteran myself and I understand what these homeless veterans have been through and then come back to almost nothing," Neal said.

"We're right down the street from the technical training center its just perfect and ideal for them to be able to get back and forth," Patterson said. 

Neal understands the struggle in transitioning to civilian life, which is why this project hits home. "Learning to be a little more personable in the civilian side of life is a little difficult," Neal said. He now wants to pay it forward to the veterans who will be living in the houses.

"I would tell them thank you for allowing me to help you guys out," Neal said. 

Healing Heroes Network (HHN) has been providing financial assistance to our veterans since 2008. As a non-profit organization, HHN's primary focus is to provide the means for wounded warriors to get the treatment and therapies they deserve and need.

Along with sweepstakes advertised at Hero Giveaway, HHN solely relies on the graciousness of their followers on Facebook through donations, merchandise, and entries to HG's giveaways.

Thanks for your continued support for our troops. For more information, and to donate to the cause, click the link below!


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