North Carolina Public Service Departments Honor Veteran In A Heart-Warming Way!

March 15, 2016

North Carolina Public Service Departments Honor Veteran In A Heart-Warming Way!

Members of The North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and the NC Division of Motor Vehicles are honoring Sergeant Jack Hughes, a Purple Heart recipient, for his service.

The U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam War veteran is honoring him with a veteran license and license plate. 

“We didn't receive this when we came home 47 years ago. And this today is probably the highlight of my military life,” Hughes said.

Hughes says he this is a joyous moment of brotherhood, shadowing his traumatic experience last year. He was attacked by a group of men at the Charlotte airport who falsely accused him of wearing fake service decorations.

The event was held at the Charlotte Bridge Home, which is an organization that connects veterans with services and resources they may need.

Healing Heroes Network (HHN) has been providing financial assistance to our veterans since 2008. As a non-profit organization, HHN's primary focus is to provide the means for wounded warriors to get the treatment and therapies they deserve and need.

Along with sweepstakes advertised at Hero Giveaway, HHN solely relies on the graciousness of their followers on Facebook through donations, merchandise, and entries to HG's giveaways.

Thanks for your continued support for our troops. For more information, and to donate to the cause, click the link below!


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