A Hero's Story: Staff Sgt. Trevor G.

A Hero's Story: Staff Sgt. Trevor G.

March 21, 2016

A Hero's Story: Staff Sgt. Trevor G.

For more than a decade, SSgt. Trevor G. proudly served his country. He distinctly remembers the day he became a Marine. "It was February 27, 1995." recalls Trevor. Enlisting seemed obvious. Both of Trevor's grandfathers were in the military, and his brother was a Marine as well. In late 2002, Trevor was deployed to Iraq. In 2003, while purifying water for his convoy, Trevor was hit by shrapnel from an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade), and two days later, he was shot by a sniper. The bullet ricocheted off his night vision goggles and severed one of his fingers. "It missed my face by only a few inches.", says Trevor.

Just a few weeks later, back in America, Trevor underwent seven surgeries on his hand and began Physical Therapy. Signs of PTSD and TBI became evident to his doctors as well. "Your mind goes into a gear where it never really comes out of", says Trevor. "Being in a combat zone 24 hours a day, you're not ever resting because you're always in danger." Between that feeling of hyper-vigilance and the lack of medical attention he needed was becoming very frustrating. "The VA helped a lot, but they also have a lot of people they have to take care of. It takes a months to get an appointment with your primary doctor, then months to get an appointment with the doctor you're referred to." Trevor's long list of symptoms were only being met with an equally long list of pharmaceuticals. That's when Trevor turned to Healing Heroes Network for help.

About two weeks after applying for financial assistance for Acupuncture treatments, Trevor had his first appointment with an HHN Acupuncture provider. "Trevor's long list of ailments was heartbreaking", says Dr. B., "But he carried himself with the dignity you'd expect from a warrior who's been tempered by combat & injuries." After only a few treatments, Trevor's family noticed a difference. "His energy levels are rising, & he doesn't seem to be in nearly as much pain." says father Ferrell Gray.

The most important thing is that Trevor is getting the help he needs, when he needs it, something Trevor himself is still astonished by. "It's completely amazing!", he says. "I didn't think I had much of a choice when it came to my healthcare." Thanks to HHN, now he will always have a choice!

(Healing Heroes Network)

Healing Heroes Network (HHN) has been providing financial assistance to our veterans since 2008. As a non-profit organization, HHN's primary focus is to provide the means for wounded warriors to get the treatment and therapies they deserve and need.

Along with sweepstakes advertised at Hero Giveaway, HHN solely relies on the graciousness of their followers on Facebook through donations, merchandise, and entries to HG's giveaways.

Thanks for your continued support for our troops. For more information, and to donate to the cause, click the link below!


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