94-Year-Old Vet Performs Jump In Honor Of Airborne Veterans

94-Year-Old Vet Performs Jump In Honor Of Airborne Veterans

August 16, 2016

94-Year-Old Vet Performs Jump In Honor Of Airborne Veterans

Albert "Al" Mancinelli has jumped out of many airplanes in his life. Mancinelli is a World War II veteran who is currently 94-years-old. He was a part of the 464th parachute field artillery battalion that fought in WWII. Throughout his time in service he made more than 100 jumps.

Mancinelli was recently determined to add one final jump to his list.

He set up his most recent jump to take place at Skydive Carolina, located in Chester, South Carolina.

Mancinelli shared that this jump was meant to honor all veterans, especially his fellow fallen airborne veterans.

“I didn’t jump for me. I jumped for them,” said Mancinelli.

Mancinelli had originally wanted to jump onto Veterans Field during Military Appreciation Day. However specific regulations prohibit tandem jumps to be performed in sports areas.


Instead Col. Joel Rountree, Janet Reynolds, and Linda Quinlan worked together to bring Mancinelli to South Carolina to perform a tandem jump at 14,000 feet.

“Al was excited, but he was as cool as a cucumber,” Rountree said.

Mancinelli's 464th Airborne Field Artillery battalion performed a combat jump in 1945 across the Rhine River in Germany. After they encountered a regiment of German troops, they forced them to surrender.

Mancinelli has received many honors and medals from the U.S. military and has even received the Napoleon Legion of Honor. This is France's highest honor in light of his service to France in WWII.

After landing on the ground, he admitted,

"It was just beautiful".

"It was just another day in paradise for Al," Rountree said.

Mancinelli's fall was more than 2 miles long. The entire jump was filmed by other skydivers that had cameras strapped to them.

The video will be aired right before the World Series game on Sunday.

"I'm excited for people to see the jump," Mancinelli said.

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