In Honor Of Women's History Month - We Celebrate Ann Dunwoody

In Honor Of Women's History Month - We Celebrate Ann Dunwoody

March 24, 2016

In Honor Of Women's History Month - We Celebrate Ann Dunwoody

In honor of women’s history month, we are highlighting some of amazing women that created history in their life’s path as well as empowered women professionally, emotionally, and creatively.


Ann E. Dunwoody, in 2008, became the first female to reach 4-star status in the U.S. Army.

Her childhood was spent travelling with her family, as he father was a career army officer and decorated veteran. Dunwoody has initially planned a career in physical education, but she enlisted in the army during her senior year at State University of New York at Cortland. After graduating in 1975, she received a two-year commission as a second lieutenant at Fort Sill, Oklahoma and later earned two master’s degrees – Logistics Management from Florida Institute of Technology and National Resource Strategy from Industrial College of the Armed Forces.

Dunwoody found that she enjoyed army life, and enlisted to serve after he first commission ended, and became the first female battalion commander for the 82nd Airborne Division in 1992 and the first female general at Fort Bragg in 2000. She has been decorated for her service, receiving the Distinguished Service Medal and the Defense Superior Service Medal, to name a few.

On November 14, 2008, Dunwoody was promoted to four-star general, after 33 years of service, and also being the first American woman to be honored.

Salute Ann Dunwoody for her service to our U.S. military, as well as her service to all women.

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