Changes In Maternity Leave Part Of Carter's 'Force Of The Future' Init

Changes In Maternity Leave Part Of Carter's 'Force Of The Future' Initiative

March 24, 2016

Changes In Maternity Leave Part Of Carter's 'Force Of The Future' Initiative

March celebrates women’s history, and in honor of that, we would like to highlight all that the military is doing for our female heroes that protect this good nation.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced back in January that female service members will now get 12 weeks paid maternity leave.


Sounds great right?

It is in certain cases. This is double the amount that women used to receive in the Army and Air Force, but it cuts six weeks from what the Navy and Marine Corps have been receiving since last summer.

Sailors and Marines that are currently pregnant, or become pregnant will still receive the 18 weeks of leave.

These announcements are a part of Carter’s “Force of the Future” initiative. The changes that are being made are intended to make the lives of our heroes easier, and to attract more candidates for the U.S. military.

These small changes, though they have some drawbacks, are reasons why we continue to live in the greatest country in the world. We can only hope that our current and future leaders keep our service members in mind as they continue to make decisions that affect them – both male and female! 

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