Fresno Veterans Home Gives An Early Easter Gift For Local Kiddos!

Fresno Veterans Home Gives An Early Easter Gift For Local Kiddos!

March 27, 2016

Fresno Veterans Home Gives An Early Easter Gift For Local Kiddos!

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Easter came early for some Valley veterans and their families.

It was a mad dash at the Fresno Veterans Home in Fresno County as dozens of kids searched high and low for Easter eggs. Veteran Don Paulson even sported some bunny ears his granddaughter made him for the occasion.

"It's good to see everyone out here enjoying themselves. You know family is the main thing," said Paulson.

Before the main event, families had a chance to do some activities like face painting and balloon making. Veterans also met with kids and helped them decorate bags. Gary Rodney participated at the event.

"I see all of these little kids and I'm wishing all my grandkids were here. They're all cute," said Rodney.

Officials with the veterans home said the residents planned the event, even stuffing more than 1,000 Easter eggs.

"A lot of our residents-- their families aren't nearby so they don't get to see their families, or grandchildren, or great great grandchildren very often. So the opportunity to be around these little kids gives them a taste of that, and that's very wonderful," said Julie Cusator, Fresno Veterans Home PIO.

About 200 residents live at the Fresno Veterans Home. Robert Rodriguez was fortunate to have his family and grandkids come out to visit him. "It lifts our spirits. It's a good thing."

His grandchildren said they've learned valuable lessons from him. "That he has done a lot for us-- and he's my grandpa," said Adelyah Hernandez, granddaughter of veteran.

A meaningful bond and for many it's a chance to share their past with our future. 

"I hope the kids grow up to understand what this country means to them, and what veterans mean to this country," said Rodney.

An early Easter event that left many with full hearts and big smiles.

This is the second year the Fresno Veterans Home has hosted the Easter egg hunt, and veterans tell Action News they're already looking forward to next year.

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